Yurii Biurher
Thinking Outside the Box

Public Projects


Is a massive, artificial intelligence/machine learning, automated system that has been trained to build and update company information from the web.

Website: www.aihitdata.com

Service: project management, architecture design, implementation (crawling, language detection, categorization, entity extraction, de-duping, profile matching), web development

Technologies: C++, Java, Python, RL3, Riak, ElasticSearch, PostgreSQL, Neural Networks, SVM, DAWG, Flask


Is a twitter sentiment analysis tool. It enables you to discover public opinion and mood on social media.

Website: www.happygrumpy.com

On the Media: Fox35Orlando, Fox5NY

Service: idea, project management, implementation (twitter integration, analysis, aggregation), web development

Technologies: C++, Java, Python, RL3, PostgreSQL, Flask

RL3 Information Extraction Engine

Is a powerful rule-based information extraction, named-entity recognition and categorization engine.

Website: rl3.zorallabs.com

Service: project management, architecture design, language structure design, implementation

Technologies: C, C++, Python, Regular Expressions, Neural Networks, SVM, DAWG

About Me

Head of AI Department at Zoral Labs

Interests: Genetic Algorithms, Neural Networks, Expert Systems, Big Data, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Distributed Systems, ...

Methodologies: Object Oriented Analysis, Object Oriented Design, Extreme Programming.

Programming Languages: Python, C/C++, Lua, J, R, Prolog, RL3, x86 assembler, Z80 assembler

Technologies: Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, IBM Watson, SQL (PostgreSQL, MS SQL), OLAP/BI (Kognitio), NoSQL (Riak, Redis), Distributed/Parallel Programming (MPI, OpenMP, Threads), Machine Learning (Neural Networks, SVM, Bayes, Logistic Regression), Pattern Matching (Regular Expressions, RL3), Indexing (Lucene, ElasticSearch), Web Development (Flask, Bootstrap, jQuery), Mobile GameDev (Defold), ...

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